Kaitlyn's Orgasm Denial Essay #2

Sensual Domination

I am your sensual goddess. Kaitlyn, learned that name and practice whispering if over and over again.

When you come to me, I want to know the things that not only affect your thoughts but how to make our session better for you.

Which of the 5 senses is most important to you. Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Sound. Could explain in detail, those from which you take the most enjoyment? What makes them an intrickal part of your submission.


How are you as a sensual domme different than a regular domme?

In comparison there is very little difference. Except I am not going to be a bitch. If that is what you are looking for, you have come to the wrong mistress.

While I think you should still be on your knees before me. I am going to make you lose yourself in me. So that there is nothing you would love to do more but please your mistress. Does this sound much different? You are giving yourself to me. Your cock and balls with be mine to control. I will get into your bloodstream like the oxygen you need to live.

One does not think that the word sensual and domination even belong in the correct sentence. However you are giving control of yourself to me. I take this with pride when you enter my stable. A proud new stallion or in some case tiny pony. Someone for whom I can take the reins and have full control.


Is a sensual domme strict?

Without a doubt! Do not think for one moment that because I my voice is soft and sweet that I won’t leave you aching or bring out my paddle and various other punishments. I enjoy the sounds your cries make as you are punished for your transgressions.

There has been many a man turned on by my quiet demands. Most are smart enough to obey. The ones who are unwilling to behave as I ask them to are typically my most favorite calls.

I want you to understand my sweet, that your mind, heart, cock and balls belong to me. That if you do not please me than you in turn will receive no pleasure yourself. So do you think you are ready to become my new play thing?

I’ll be waiting right here when your ready.