I want you to think of me every moment you aren't with me.
I want you to follow my rules.
I will take you to the edge like you've never felt before.

You are unable to touch yourself all week until you are allowed to call me. It makes me giggle to think of your pain; your poor cock aching, your balls blue and tight. The visual just gives me pure pleasure. You like your Goddess happy don't you?

When I finally allow you call me and you start to plead for release, I love to make you beg for as long as possible. Taking my time, making you stroke and teasing your cock, I go fast then slow. I bring you to the edge over and over again then deny you that final release. I might even make you listen as I enjoy my own pleasure making the ache even worse for you. That is my cock and my cum and it will have its time when I am ready for it, or maybe it won't. Half the fun is listening to your agonizing groans of pain and pleasure.

I love to imagine the punishments that I could enforce should you ever cum without my word. I'm ready to tease my cock now. Call and give it over to my hands so that I can tease it the way it truly deserves.